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Purchase History

Optimize Stock Levels with Full Purchase History

Acctivate’s complete repository of purchases keeps inventory stocked to satisfy customers & control expenses.

purchasing list

A snapshot of active & historical purchase order, invoice, and receipt data to make strategic decisions concerning purchases.

inventory forecasting

Plan for and satisfy customer demand accurately & at the least investment with forecasting and trend analysis to keep businesses apprised to live inventory levels and what and when to reorder.

reorder alerts

Proactive reordering with automated low stock alerts based on a suggested minimum quantity per warehouse per product with the ability to instantly reorder and consolidate purchase orders by vendor.

vendor management

Pinpoint the best-performing vendors based on historical data to spend wisely and manage vendor relationships with tools for collaboration & communication.

transaction visibility

Receive inventory for purchase orders and invoice purchases with tools in Acctivate and maintain access to transaction history for all purchases.

spend management

Control expenses, improve margins, spot savings opportunities, stop unauthorized purchases and manage risks with tools to manage & analyze purchasing activities coupled with quick access to current & historical pricing.

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purchasing list

The Navigational Starting Point for Strategic Purchasing

A hub of pertinent organized purchase order data and transactional history of related purchase invoices and inventory receipts to maintain a seamless purchasing process & make strategic business moves.

Swiftly locate POs with powerful search & filtering, plus quickly see PO status & the supplier for each and identify overdue POs & shipments with smart date insight.

Remain aware of all purchases with micro views of POs with line item drill-down. Plus, view grouped key info & insights, including vendor with drilldown, order status, key dates, and shipping info, i.e., FOB.

Purchasing List

Acctivate Software Reordering
reorder alerts

Strategic Inventory Replenishment to Preserve Exact Inventory Levels to Fulfill Customer Orders On-Time

Maintain the correct quantities of inventory with low stock conditional alerts to minimize under and overstocking based on Acctivate’s recommendation per product per warehouse established stocking levels and primary suppliers.

Reordering product for each warehouse is a breeze via a single window for consolidating POs by vendor if needed and creating POs in batch with a single click. Accompanying details help in reviewing products for reorder, i.e., product info, location, vendor, cost & quantity data.

vendor management

Achieve Profitability & Customer Satisfaction by Truly Knowing Your Vendors

Monitor vendor performance & manage supplier relationships to procure the best product at the lowest cost with visibility of vendor prices, lead times, last PO, past performance & related transactions (i.e., receipts), and vendor product IDs for cross-referencing.

Manage multiple vendors seamlessly and stay apprised of the preferred vendors based on historical performance. Consolidate purchases by vendor to leverage volume pricing.

Stay connected with vendors throughout the purchasing process to restock warehouses on-time to in turn fulfill your customers’ orders on-schedule.

Vendor Management

Inventory insights for forecasting

Predict Future Buying & Plan for Demand with Comprehensive Data to Optimize Inventory Service Levels

Satisfy production needs & customer orders, as well as source quality products by homing in on the best price from the best vendors and when to replenish based on historical trend data and current details for better inventory forecasts.

Easily evaluate forecasts via micro (i.e., with the Inventory List > Insights tab) & macro (i.e., full Inventory Analysis reports) views of data and put them to strategic use within your organization for optimal, informed purchasing decisions with factors in mind, i.e., trends, seasonality, promotions, market changes, current demand, etc.

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