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Customer Alternate Product IDs

Customer Specific Alternate Product IDs

Acctivate’s ability to define and store unlimited alternate product IDs per customer significantly reduces customer service response time.

Unlimited ids per customer

Maintain all necessary alternate product IDs, SKUs and UPCs for each customer in one window that is cross-referenceable with the product, easily searchable by the unique ID throughout the system, and applied to sales documents for the customer, i.e., sales orders & pack lists.

customer specific descriptions

Associate a description with each exclusive customer product ID defined to differentiate from your internal product description.

quick lookup

When a customer orders product using their own ID rather than yours, promptly find the product by that criterion via a dynamic search ability, scan a barcode containing it or manually enter it on a line item.

import ids

Import customer specific product IDs with descriptions and optional notes to an existing customer in Acctivate for existing products via a simple spreadsheet and easy info mapping capabilities.​

edi purchase orders

Acctivate auto matches trading partner product IDs, SKUs and UPCs on customer purchase orders (EDI 850s) against the customer product IDs recorded on the Acctivate customer record.

web orders

Product ordered online via an eCommerce webstore integrated with Acctivate can be associated with a customer product ID and matched in the system for the customer.

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Unlimited product ids per customer

Maintain Consistency & Efficient Tracking with Limitless Customer Product IDs

Accommodate your customers and instill efficiency into the sales process with the ability to store all customer specific alternate product IDs (i.e., SKUs, UPCs, etc.) on their customer record along with customer specific descriptions and optional notes.

The customer product IDs can support customer requirements in various sales channels, such as the trading partner ID for EDI purchase orders (EDI 850) or the customer’s product ID for web orders.

Cross-reference with your internal product ID and easily refer to the unique IDs, in situations, i.e., customer follow-ups, product searches and on sales documents for the customer, i.e., sales orders, pack lists, etc.

Customer Product IDs Tab

Search by Customer Product ID
Quick lookup

Search by Customer Product ID & Instantly Find the Associated Product

Acctivate empowers businesses to meet their customers needs in a multitude of ways and the ability to store, track and search by customer product ID is no exception.

With products tied to customers’ specific ID codes, customers can order using their unique product ID and the sales process will remain seamless coupled with the ability to dynamically search on the customer product ID at any time without confusion. Even enter the exclusive code on a line item or scan a barcode containing it and instantly have the correct product revealed in the system.

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