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Sales List

Sales Data for Strategic Business Moves

Acctivate’s Sales List delivers a snapshot of active & historical quote and order data to make strategic decisions and serve customers promptly.

powerful search

Find quotes & orders instantly using dynamic search with sorting + create filters to save for your own use or to share company-wide.

order status insights

A quick list of all quotes & orders for easy prioritizing with order number, customer, and order & overdue status that can be narrowed down with search and selected for a snapshot of data.

timeline view

Activity history for selected quote/order that is searchable & filterable by type, i.e., business activities, invoices, notes/emails, and shipments.

quote / order snapshot

Condensed details for selected quote/order with bill to/ship to addresses, line item info with product drill-down & order total.

information bar

An overview of data in a compact sidebar with customer info, statuses + more and contact & shipping info.

initiate actions

Accomplish tasks fast and easy, i.e., edit, copy & print order; create credit memo, drop ship/special order PO, assembly, activity and note for the order; drill-down into order line items & activity history; and create a new order.

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advanced search & filtering

Delivery Timely Responses by Pinpointing Order Info in Mere Seconds

Within one central window, the Sales List, find quotes and orders with minimal effort through dynamic search to narrow down orders by any associated information.

Plus, create filters using conditional and group filtering on multiple data sets. Save filters for yourself or share company-wide for quick access in the future.

Have pertinent & insightful sales information in front of you immediately in an at-a-glance view with drill-down capabilities and quick actions for serving customers and collaborating with staff.

Powerful Search

Sales List: Timeline

Promptly Reference Important Historical & Active Order Events

The Timeline tab provides quick access to all events, past and current, associated with an order, including business activities, invoices, notes/emails, and shipments.

Quickly search and filter through the listed events and drill-down into each for further discovery.

key data insights

Make Informed Decisions & Maintain Customer Relationships with Prominent Visibility to the Most Important Sales Information

Sales quote and order information organized in a convenient & consolidated manner to keep the sales process for each order moving smoothly and to respond strategically.

Quickly see workflow status for each order and identify priority orders with smart date insight.

Know all aspects of an order instantly with micro views of orders with line item drill-down. Plus, view grouped key info & insights, including customer with drilldown, order & workflow status, key dates, picklist drilldown, contact info, and shipping info, i.e., ship via and FOB.

Sales List: Key Data Insights

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