Filter and Organize Activities with Business Activity Review

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The Business Activity Review allows you to filter and organize a list of Business Activities. Users can define which columns are displayed and how the Business Activities are grouped, as well as set filters to limit the activities shown on screen. To stay up to date, select an autorefresh interval in the top right corner. Users who prefer to refresh on their own, can do so using the refresh button.

With a specific business activity selected, you can click the View Activity button to open the Enter Activity window. This allows you to modify the details listed on the activity with ease. To create a new activity, click the New Activity button. For sorting, click the column header to go between ascending or descending order.

Business Activity Review

When needing to simply create saved custom filters without grouping, check out the Activity List. Users can create and save filters to see different lists of activities based on need.

Filter List of Activities

Across the top of the Business Activity Review window, set filters to show all or specific activities based on need. The available filters are as follows:

  • Assigned To: The options include anyone, unassigned, and the list of named users in Acctivate.
  • Include unassigned activities: When wanting to see a specific users’ list of activities, as well as unassigned, check this box.
  • Look for: Type text to begin filtering the list of business activities.
  • Type: View a specific activity type.
  • Code: Filter based on a particular activity code.
  • Resolution: See the list of activities linked to a certain resolution.
  • Status: Review a list of activities with a specific status.
  • Priority: View list based on a set priority.
  • Date: Filter list based on due, appointment, or opened date.

Add, Remove, or Reorder Columns

  • Add: Click the Columns button > Select and hold the field you’re wanting to add > drag it to the grid to add to the list of headers or as a new group in the grey space above the headers. Before dropping it in place, you’ll see red placement arrows above and below the field to show you it’s in the proper area. As you drag it across the grid, the mouse turns into a circle with a line through it since it can only be dropped in the header.
  • Remove: Drag the column header in question away from the header row. Once the cursor turns into an X, let go of the field to remove.
  • Reorder: Drag the column header around to be dropped in the new spot in the header row. You’ll see the same red placement arrows above and below the field like with adding new columns when hovering over two column headers to show where to place it.
Add or Remove Columns from Business Activity Review

Group Activities Based on Specific Data Points

To Group the Business Activities, you can drag a column header up into the area that reads Drag a column header here to group by that column. As you drag the header to the top, you’ll see red placement arrows appear. Drop the field once it reaches the proper placement within the group. This will separate the groups in the grid below. Users can choose to Expand or Collapse All groups at the top of the window or manually do so by toggling the + / – boxes next to each section. For sorting purposes, each group can be sorted individually by clicking the box to toggle between ascending and descending. In the screen shot below, you can see Code sorted descending while Assigned is sorted in ascending order.

Group Activities in Business Activity Review