Convert Quote to a Sales Order

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Convert Quote to a Sales Order

Sales Quotes can be converted into a Scheduled or Booked Sales Order to begin the order fulfillment process from two places in Acctivate: Enter Quote window and Order Manager.

Convert Sales Quote from Enter Sales Quote Window

  1. Search and find the Sales Quote from the Sales List.
  2. Click Edit from read only Quote window.
  3. Once open, save and click Schedule Order to create a Scheduled Sales Order or Action > Book Order to create a Booked Sales Order.

Convert Sales Quote from Order Manager

  1. Open Order Manager.
  2. Toggle to show the orders by clicking View > Sales Orders or any custom button bar showing Quotes.
  3. Select the Sales Quote(s) to be scheduled.
  4. Action > Schedule Order or press CTRL+S to convert to Scheduled Order(s).