Acctivate Windows & Features

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Acctivate Desktop

The Acctivate Desktop is a sizable window that gives you access to all of the features and functions of the software.

These features include everything from:

  • Accessing customer information
  • Processing orders and quotes
  • Controlling inventory
  • Issuing purchase orders
  • Keeping track of a wide variety of information to help make your business a success.

Customizable Icon Bar

Located on the top of the desktop, beneath the menu bar, are a series of shortcut buttons that are collectively called the Icon Bar. These buttons are always available to you no matter what you are doing to perform common tasks.

Each user can customize their icon bar by adding and removing buttons; hiding the bar; adding custom keyboard shortcuts; displaying smaller icons and more. Click the drop-down arrow to the left of the icon bar and notice all the buttons that are available to display.

Acctivate Icon Bar is customizable

List Windows

The Acctivate list window menu is located on the left-hand side of the Acctivate desktop. All of the list windows (Customers, Sales, Products, Transactions, Vendors, Purchasing and Activities) have the ability to search for a specific item. Follow these steps to learn how to use list windows.

A powerful search exists within each list window that allows custom filters to be created and saved at an individual and company-wide level.

Acctivate Software Product List

The Lookup Window

One of our most powerful features is the ability to find information quickly and efficiently for you. Included in this are the very powerful Lookup windows in each major section of the software.

The Lookup window allows information to be filtered by multiple categories. This helps you to find a specific customer, sales order, purchase order or invoices quickly and easily.

Anytime that you see the Lookup (magnifying glass) button, you know that you have the ability to search for a specific record. During the course of this tour, you will use the Lookup window to find everything from customers to products.

One of the most frequently used Lookup windows is the Customer Lookup window. If you can’t remember the full name of a customer, you have over 30 ways to find their information.

Customer Lookup Window

Filter through addresses, cities, states, zip codes, PO numbers, phone numbers, email addresses and more. You will have the opportunity to examine the Lookup windows later in the tour.

Online Help

Acctivate includes context-sensitive help on most features and functions found in the software.

  • Press F1 or select Online Help from the main Help menu
  • In most cases, a web page will be displayed for the window that is currently active on the desktop